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The Perfect Mop for You

Make sure you have the right mop to clean hardwood floors.
The Perfect Mop for You

If your floor maintenance routine needs a boost, take a good look at your cleaning tools. Are you using the right tools for dusting and mopping your floors? Make sure your tools are working with you, making it easier to do the quick daily and weekly cleanups that are the first line of defense in good floor care. When it comes to the right tools for cleaning your floors, a good mop makes all the difference.

The Spray Mop

The best mop to use for cleaning wood floors is a spray mop (AKA a stick mop or microfiber mop). The function of a spray mop is to clean hardwood floors with as little liquid as possible. Rather than focusing on hot, soapy water to clean, spray mops use specially formulated cleaning solutions that homeowners find faster and more convenient to use. Most spray mops can use a reusable microfiber pad as well as a dusting pad, combining the traditional mop and broom into a single cleaning tool. Spray mops are one of the most popular mop types available and give homeowners a wide variety to choose from. But what makes a good spray mop?

Finding the Best Spray Mop

To help find a long-lasting spray mop, consider these top qualities:

  • Versatile. Good spray mops can replace a traditional mop and broom. Depending on its construction, a spray mop can also be used to clean and dust walls and windows.
  • Lightweight/Comfortable. With modern materials, it’s not uncommon for spray mops to weigh in at a few pounds. While all spray mops may share a similar design, handles, grips and triggers should feel natural to use without much effort.
  • Durable. While most stick mops are light, some may seem too fragile when a little elbow grease is used to get at stubborn spots. A good spray mop should feel strong in your hands to clean up even the toughest stains.
  • Storage-friendly. Is the spray mop designed to make it easy to put away? Even though microfiber mops dry faster than traditional mops, being able to let the mop hang and air dry helps reduce smells and mildew.
  • Sustainable. A good spray mop can help you clean your floors and the environment. Quality spray mops have sustainability as a key feature with washable and reusable cleaning pads, easy refill options and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Some spray mops only use disposable wet and dry sheets that add to landfills and prove to be a more expensive option in the long run.

A Next Generation Premium Spray Mop

If you’re looking to treat your floors better next year or realize that your current mop needs to be replaced, consider the newest addition to the Bona family of mops. The new premium spray mop is more durable, comfortable and is designed to clean floors exceptionally well and protect baseboards and furniture. Powered with your favorite Bona floor cleaner, this new spray mop will help make cleaning faster and easier, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the new year.

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