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Bathroom Flooring Guide

Update your bathroom floors and choose the right bathroom flooring option with help from Bona.
Bathroom Flooring Guide

With all the current flooring and design innovations, it’s no surprise that people are putting a more artistic touch to bathroom spaces. What was once a matter of function over looks, today’s bathrooms are now being transformed into anything from a tranquil oasis to a bold, artistic statement. No matter your taste, all bathroom flooring needs to perform well or suffer damage from the typical bathroom environment.

Bathroom Flooring Needs


Since sinks, tubs or shower stalls are common items, bathroom flooring should have the following qualities:

  • Durable. You might not realize it, but bathrooms can get a lot of foot traffic, especially if you have a big family. Bathrooms are used daily for a multitude of reasons. Delicate, easy to scratch or scuff floors are simply not an option.


  • Water-resistant. Water use is expected in a bathroom, so bathroom floors need to handle spills, moisture and humidity well.


  • Easy to clean. Messes are expected in bathrooms, especially if you have small kids or pets. Since messes of all kinds happen in the bathroom, having a floor that cleans easily is highly recommended.

Popular Bathroom Flooring Options

In 2019, the choices for bathroom flooring options have increased dramatically. Any look you want can be achieved with these popular bathroom flooring options.

  • Tile. There is a reason why tile has always been a great option for bathroom flooring. They’re waterproof, stain-resistant and durable. They come in a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes. They’re also easier on your budget than natural stone. Since tile can now be made to look like other natural surfaces like wood and stone, it’s a go-to option for bathroom floors.
  • Luxury vinyl. Whether you’re working with vinyl sheet, plank or tile, vinyl is a cost-effective option for bathroom floors. Vinyl is waterproof and can also be made to look like other flooring surfaces. It is also a very DIY friendly installation option.
  • Natural stone. The most expensive option on the list, stone floors can be a great way to raise the value of your home. It’s extremely durable and water-resistant. It can also offer a unique look with a wide range of stone types and textures.
  • Laminate/engineered hardwood. While wood and water don’t mix, the options available for laminate and engineered hardwood make them viable options for bathrooms and powder rooms. There is even waterproof laminate available to resist the typical water damage that can occur.

Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

Once you’ve picked out the type of bathroom flooring you want to use, take it a step further with popular design ideas.

  • Colors. Popular color trends for bathrooms highlight neutrals. Whites, grays, creams and other light neutrals work to make a small space look bigger.
  • Shapes. When choosing tile, play around with widths, lengths and shapes. Hexagonal tiles can make a bolder impact than traditional tiles. Graphics and mosaics can also be incorporated with tiles to have a truly striking impact.
  • Finishes. Matte finishes are becoming more popular in bathrooms since glossy floors make it easier to see dirt and water marks on floors.
  • Heating. Heated floors are perfect for those cold mornings on freezing tiles. Heated floors are becoming easier to maintain and can even be retrofitted into existing homes. Heated floors can be used with all kinds of floor types, but tile and stone work best.

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