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Hardwood Floors

Holiday Tips for Hardwood Floors

Keep your hardwood floors beautiful around the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
Holiday Tips for Hardwood Floors

Crunch, crunch, crunch…you hear the footsteps of your holiday guests arriving at your front door. The excitement is abundant around the holiday season, but all you can think about is how dirty your house is about to get with all those kids, food and winter weather…especially your hardwood floors. Here are a few easy tips from Bona for this holiday season to keep your hardwood floors preserved.  

  • When you are cutting your Christmas tree, be sure to put it in water as soon as possible as to keep it healthy. Generally, you provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. However, FIRST be SURE to place a felt appliqué tightly around the base of the tree so that if any water seeps out, it will not land on your floors. Water can permanently damage hardwood floors, so this tip is imperative.
  • Hauling in that tree, there is a slight chance you will get some sap on your hardwood floors…don’t panic! The best solution for sap on hardwood floors is putting an ice cube on it and then popping it off - similar to what you do for gum. This is the safest way since each type of tree produces different types of sap. Follow this up by cleaning with the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • Keep your microfiber dust mop or vacuum handy for all those pesky needles! Scratches on hardwood floors usually come from dirt and debris that rub and move on the floor and in turn dull the finish on your floor. Tree needles are in this category, so be sure to dust or sweep them off your floor as needed, preferably daily.
  • When your Aunt Sue and Uncle George arrive with all the nieces and nephews, tell them to take their shoes off at the door. Again, this will leave the dirt and debris from outside off your floors, keeping your finish shiny and new. This goes for Santa too!
  • Last minute shopping, frosting cookies and making sure your holiday sweater is dusted off for the season will leave you with little to no time to spruce up your hardwood floors…unless you have 1 hour? Our Hardwood Floor Polish will leave your floors looking shiny and new and only needs 1 hour to dry before you can allow foot traffic back on your floors. Just enough time before the holiday rush!

Have a safe and happy holiday season from Bona!

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