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How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

Need help choosing the best flooring option for you home? Our quick guide helps break down the most popular options.
How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

In today’s flooring market, variety can be both a blessing and a curse. With so many different flooring types and options, it’s possible to have beautiful floors at just about any budget. But with so many options, choosing the one that’s right for you can seem like a difficult task. Luckily, with a few quick considerations, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices in no time.

Before you start designing your dream floors, take into consideration these basic questions first:

Function. What rooms do you want done? Are they high-traffic areas? Will they get easily wet or dirty? Considering these things will decide the kind of durability and maintenance-style you’ll be dealing with on your floors.

Style. What colors and styles best describe you? Are you looking for floors to accentuate your current room, or are you looking to redesign and redecorate the entire space? The way you style and decorate your new floors will directly influence your budget.

Budget. Remember that buying the actual flooring is only part of your budget. Will you need to have floors installed and old flooring disposed? Do you need extra supplies like adhesives, moisture barriers or baseboards? Will you be installing the floors yourself? Considering the complete cost of the flooring project will help steer you into the best floor types for your needs.

Aside from hardwood flooring, other popular options are stone, tile, laminate and luxury vinyl. Each flooring type has pros and cons to be considered to find the best match for your flooring options.


Stone flooring combines nature and elegance with easy maintenance and indestructibility. The wide array of textures and colors provide a distinctive look perfect for heavy-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and laundry rooms.

          Pros:                                                                                              Cons:

          ⦁ Retains heat                                                                                ⦁ Replacing tiles can be hard

          • Easy to clean                                                                               ⦁ Can scratch and stain 

          • Durable and long-lasting                                                             ⦁ More expensive than other types



Tile flooring is a great option for creating unique, long lasting flooring designs. Not only can designers mix and match colors and patterns to match any taste, but tile can also be manufactured to mimic other natural flooring like hardwood and natural stone.

          Pros:                                                                                              Cons:

          ⦁ Waterproof                                                                                  ⦁ Intricate installation

          • Low maintenance                                                                       ⦁ Can scratch and stain 

          • Many style options                                                                     ⦁ More expensive than other types


High-performance laminate can simulate wood or tile floors and is extremely durable and easy to clean with either a damp cloth or vacuum. Laminate flooring is scratch and dent resistant, making it a solid choice for family-prone areas.

          Pros:                                                                                                Cons:

          ⦁ Cheaper alternative to hardwood                                                  ⦁ Intricate installation

          • Easy installation                                                                            ⦁ Can scratch and stain 

          • Copies look of wood and stone                                                    ⦁ Can be loud to walk on


Luxury Vinyl
Luxury vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of style options while maintaining durability and ease of maintenance. Available in tiles or planks, luxury vinyl flooring makes realistic 3D replicas of natural surfaces. Great for busy areas with years of carefree beauty, luxury vinyl is a great choice for any budget.

          Pros:                                                                                              Cons:

          ⦁ Can copy natural flooring and tile                                                ⦁ Can get cuts and gouges

          • Waterproof                                                                                   ⦁ Not biodegradable 

          • Low maintenance                                                                         ⦁ Low resale value



There is no 100% perfect flooring available. Every type of flooring options has its own associated advantages and disadvantages. In choosing the right flooring type, figure out what qualities you absolutely need, and which ones are only wants. Knowing these things can help you decide what you truly want to make a purchase you are happy with.

No matter the flooring option, Bona has a system that will make it look beautiful. From our tried and trusted hardwood floor cleaners and mops to our stone, tile and laminate cleaners, you’ll find that Bona is the easy, trusted choice when it comes to fantastic floor care.