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Hardwood Floors

How to Revitalize Hardwood Floors

It’s coming—spring cleaning season! Get your floors ready for the next season with this spring cleaning checklist.
How to Revitalize Hardwood Floors

With winter winding down, it’s time to start getting ready for spring cleaning. Winter can be a tough time on floors with all the excess salt, debris and moisture that can accumulate during those cold months. Now that it’s almost time to celebrate spring and shake off the last bits of winter weather, make sure you treat your floors with extra care as you prepare them for a new season of sun, breeze and fun. To best get your floors ready for spring, follow this simple spring cleaning guide for hardwood floors.

How to Revitalize Hardwood Floors

  • Clean floors last. It’s best to clean rooms from the top down so that any dust and debris won’t find their way onto a newly-cleaned floor.
  • Dry mop/dust floors. Use a microfiber dusting cloth or a vacuum to remove the initial layer of dust and debris on floors. If using a vacuum, avoid using the beater bar so the vacuum’s brush doesn’t damage the floor.
  • Spray mop floors. Use a cleaning solution designed for your floor type. Avoid DIY vinegar solutions or steam mopping your floors since they both can damage your floor’s finish leaving it look dull and cloudy. If your mop doesn’t have a spray function, fill your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray floors a bit at a time to avoid an excess amount of liquid on your floors.
  • Apply a new coat of polish. Now that your floors are clean and dry, applying a coat of polish is a great way to revitalize your floor’s finish. A coat of polish can even out a floor’s look, filling in any small scratches and adding a new protective layer on top of your floor.


Spring cleaning is a great time to give your rooms a fresh new look while adding new ways to protect your hardwood floors. Here are some tips that can help protect your floors even more.

  • Use floor mats and area rugs to protect high traffic areas. If using mats and rugs, try to get rugs and mats with a natural rubber backing since some materials can discolor floors after extended use.
  • Protect floors from sun damage. Rearrange furniture or use curtains to protect floors from fading and UV damage.
  • Protect furniture legs with appropriate pads and covers. Felt or rubber pads can help avoid scratches from accidental dragging of furniture on your floors.

The best way to revitalize your floors for spring cleaning is with a deep clean. A good deep clean can get into the seams of the floor where normal spray mopping can’t. To get a good deep clean without the extra back-breaking work, try using Bona’s PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaner. The PowerPlus system is designed to deep clean floors quickly and easily. Learn more about the PowerPlus system!


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