Hardwood Floors

Spruce Up for Spring

Do more than spring cleaning—spruce up your home! Find some helpful information to get your home ready for a new season with a cleaning checklist from Bona.
Spruce Up for Spring

It’s almost time to celebrate spring and shake off the last bits of winter. To get your home ready for spring, follow this simple spring-cleaning guide from Bona.

Spring Cleaning Guide for Hardwood Floors
Spring cleaning is also a great time to give your rooms a fresh new look.

Get the most out of spring cleaning with specific plans and goals. With enough time and prep, you can get more than just a clean house and transform your space for a new season. To help keep your floors looking their best, consider Bona floor cleaners and floor care products. We have the best hardwood floor cleaners, laminate cleaners and floor mops. Find a cleaning solution that works for you.

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