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Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer brings its own joys and cleaning tasks. Make sure your home is clean and ready for summer fun.
Summer Cleaning Checklist

Whether you’re ready for it or not, summer is here! And with school winding down and fun summer activities on the way, it’s best to make sure your home can keep up. Seasonal cleaning is more than just spring cleaning. If you want to keep your home clean and appliances running efficiently, every season demands some sort of upkeep.

Here are some summer-specific issues to remember as you keep your home clean and beautiful.

  • Increased traffic. If you have kids on summer vacation, or you love to entertain during the summer, remember that all floors and common areas will have an increase in foot traffic and the potential for attracting dirt/stains.
  • Moisture and heat. With higher temperatures, moisture and mildew in bathrooms can become a concern. Make sure you also attend to spills quickly so they don’t get sticky and attract bugs.
  • Air quality. With family and friends enjoying the outdoor weather (potentially barefoot), the chances of bringing in outside allergens like grass, dust and pollen increase greatly. Make sure your air filters are ready for the season.

Summer Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to specific areas of your home to clean, here’s a cleaning checklist to keep your home looking great during the summer months.

  1. Floors. Daily maintenance on floors is must, especially during the summer. Reduce the amount of allergens with daily floor care.
  2. Bathrooms. With the heat and humidity of summer weather, bathroom exhaust fans should be in use to prevent mildew and cleaned regularly, twice a week if you have lots of guests in your home from playdates or summer gatherings.
  3. Kitchen. Floors and countertops are a must to clean to avoid outside pests from wanting to come in. Make sure kitchen trash bags/containers are emptied/maintained to avoid smells with the higher temperatures.
  4. Windows. With lots of sunlight pouring in from outside, now’s a good time to tend to your windows and window sills. Use the hot weather to your advantage to avoid streaks.
  5. Pantry. Reorganize your pantry to make sure everything is safe and secure from pests like ants and moths.
  6. Patio. Clean outdoor furniture to avoid mildew and make sure your patio/grill area is clean to prevent bringing in outdoor allergens. If you like to enjoy the outdoors barefoot, have a foot cleaning station ready to avoid dirty floors. A simple spray bottle of water and towel gets the job done quickly.

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