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Summer Party Cleaning Guide

Planning a summer party? Get your house ready in no time with Bona!
Summer Party Cleaning Guide

There’s always a great excuse to celebrate something during summer. Whether it’s an official holiday or a nice day, having friends and family together for a party is a perfect way to create some fantastic summer memories. But while everyone’s down for a party, not everyone’s always ready to get their homes ready for guests. If you want to throw a great summer shindig, check out this party planning checklist and make sure you’ve got everything under control.

Since it’s summer, take advantage of the beautiful weather! While the fresh air and open space do wonders for the mood of a party, being outside also helps minimize the amount of traffic (and cleaning) you’ll have to do inside your house. When planning the ultimate summer party, make sure mother nature is cooperating.

  • Temperature Check. Get a feel for the weather outside to see how hot it will be so that you’ll have enough shade or refreshments to help everyone keep their cool. Most importantly, check the weather for storms and any other issues that would immediately bring the party inside.
  • Patio Furniture. Scrub down the patio furniture with soapy water and a brush. If you have a grill, make sure the exterior is clean and everything is in proper working order.

Inside Essentials

When comes to cleaning for a party, it’s possible to work smarter, not harder. A cleaning plan can be helpful if you want to really boost the wow factor of your home. But really, the things you notice about your home and what your guests will notice can be very different. Regardless of a plan, make sure you cover these party basics for an effective quick clean.

  • Think Like a Guest. Consider the path a typical guest will take in your house and focus on cleaning those areas. Entryways and other visible rooms should get decluttered. What’s even better, for a super quick declutter simply put all your stuff in a room that won’t be used and deal with it later!
  • Kitchen. The kitchen is usually an area that will have a lot of traffic, so make sure countertops are clean and all kitchenware is clean and put away. Having an empty sink will help manage the messes made during the party. Also, be sure to empty the trash and recycling so they can be filled during the party.
  • Bathrooms. Bathrooms need extra attention since curious guests may open cabinets if the bathroom isn’t sufficiently stocked. Remove any personal items that you don’t want curious guests to find. Disinfect the toilet and clean all the surfaces. Also, make sure there’s enough toilet paper and fresh hand towels.
  • Floors. With all the constant foot traffic on your floors, remember that guests will be talking with guests rather than focusing on your floors. For a quick clean, try a disposable dry dusting cloth and wet cleaning pad with a sturdy mop. Pay extra attention to any stains and spots on the floor.

After the Party

Once the party’s over, be sure to save enough energy to do a bit of essential cleaning so that you won’t feel so overwhelmed the next day. Tackle these cleaning jobs for an easier time. Even better, recruit some help so that cleaning will be a breeze!

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