Hardwood Floors

Bona’s Quick and Easy Speed Guide to Super Clean Floors

Care for wood floors fast with our super-fast guide to floor care.
Bona’s Quick and Easy Speed Guide to Super Clean Floors

(In the spirit of speed, you can skip this whole guide and just pick up the Bona Quick Clean System. You’ll be glad you did!)

Floor maintenance is a chore. For some, it can be a relaxing, meditative Zen moment. For others, cleaning floors is just another thing on our to-do list. Whatever your stance, we all want to make sure we do it right—and fast.

To help you with both, here’s a boiled-down, no-frills guide that will help get your floors looking great.

Learn how to clean floors fast with the Bona pros.

Follow these tips and your floors will thank you.​

For a more in-depth look at getting floors clean and shiny, check out our other cleaning articles. View our products to find the right cleaners and tools for your floors. Better yet, bundle up with our Essentials collections and save some money. Looking to really clean more in less time? The Bona Quick Clean System was made just for you.

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