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Hardwood Floors

Streak-Free Hardwood Floors

No more worries about residue and streaks on your hardwood floors with these quick tips from Bona.
Streak-Free Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your hardwood floors requires the right tools and cleaner to prevent build-up and streaking. With all the different types of cleaners and myths about the proper way to care for wood floors, be sure you are using the most effective possible formula that is safe not only for your floors, but your family and the environment.

Streaks usually come from a combination of possible residue in the cleaner and existing dirt on your floor. Many cleaners on the market can be used on multiple surfaces and claim they are safe for wood; however, hardwood is a sensitive surface and needs to be treated with care. Stay clear of multi-surface cleaners, oil-soaps and steam cleaners and stick to formulas that are created specifically for a wood surface. Also, be sure your dusting and cleaning pads are not contaminated with other products that can leave a residue. Thoroughly rinse and ring out your cleaning pad before and during the cleaning process.

Microfiber is an effective option for either dry dusting or wet cleaning to avoid streaking on your floors. By using electrostatic action (highlighted in the image above), it literally lifts dirt off the floor, instead of just pushing it around. It is also much healthier than other options, like antimicrobial pads, because again, it lifts dust, dirt and germs, instead of just killing them and pushing them around your floor.

Other things that can cause streaking are overspray from window or other household cleaners that land on your floor, so use caution when tidying up other areas of the home. Avoid residue with Bona’s Stone, Tile & Laminate Cleaner for the hard surface floors and the Bona Cabinet Cleaner and Bona Countertop Cleaner for the other surfaces in your home.

To recap, follow these 5 easy tips to avoid streaks on your hardwood floors:

  • Avoid multi-surface cleaners, oil-soaps and steam cleaners on wood floors
  • Use cleaners specifically formulated for hardwood floors
  • Thoroughly rinse and ring out cleaning pads before use
  • Use microfiber dusting and cleaning pads on hardwood floors
  • Avoid overspray from other household cleaners on your hardwood floors

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