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Holiday Host Playbook

Holiday Host Playbook

The Holidays are fast approaching so this year, give yourself the gift of Bona to make your home sparkle and wow holiday guests, stress-free. A survey of U.S. adults commissioned by Bona and conducted online by Harris Poll in October 2019 found that hosts have startling stories about extreme messes left by guests. Check out these tips to help make your holiday shine before guests arrive, during the gathering and after everyone departs.

Divide and Conquer. Nearly 2 in 3 adults (63%) agree that having a clean home for house guests is as stressful as holiday gift shopping.
But it shouldn’t have to be. Make the most of your time by compartmentalizing each room in your house. Clean a small, focused portion of the room before you move on to the next and try cleaning each room in a clockwise/counterclockwise, top-to-bottom motion so that you don’t miss a spot.

Prep and Protect the Floors. Six in ten US adults (60%) agreed that their favorite part of holiday gatherings is when the floor in areas like the living room, family room or den are cleared for group games or dancing. 
Bona’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona Hardwood Floor Polish are the perfect one-two clean and polish punch to ensure the dance floor is sparkling clean and ready for the party. 

Set Ground Rules. 85% of U.S. adults agreed that following household ‘upkeep’ rules while staying in someone’s home isn’t too much to ask. 
Don’t be afraid to speak up! Writing a list of golden rules for each room of your home is an easy way to ensure your house is kept neat and tidy for all your holiday visitors. 

Do a 15 Minute Quick Tidy. More than half of US adults (51%) claim if given the choice, they might avoid hosting holiday guests to avoid having to deal with extra home cleaning.
However, even quick tidying can help. Just 15 minutes can spruce up a messy entryway or clean a kitchen countertop. For picking up pesky pine needles or cleaning up glitter, Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pads will do the trick. 
Be Prepared for the Unexpected. The 2019 Bona Household Guest Survey found that with holiday visitors, come unanticipated messes. Bona offers a full suite of products for hard surface floors that hosts can keep on-hand for those unexpected clean-ups. Common household guest problems and solutions include:


  • My fiancé wore his farm boots to my apartment, not realizing they were caked with mud. - Female from Indiana 

What a mess! Bona recommends a quick swipe with a microfiber dusting pad to pick up loose dirt and grime and then a pass around the room with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner (available in our original formula or new Cedar Wood!) and a microfiber cleaning pad to knock out muddy footprints. 

  • [Guests came] with luggage and just dragged it on the floor[, so] it scratched our newly polished hardwood floor to my dismay. - Male from Massachusetts 

More foot traffic in your home brings an array of other floor hazards. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish in high or low gloss is the perfect protector for small scratches and scrapes. For bigger dings or worn spots, connect with a professional contractor like a Bona Certified Craftsman to revitalize your floor. 

  • My daughter loves to unwrap crayons and color my walls. She also poured flour onto my floor and it took forever to get up. - Female from South Carolina

Sometimes the littlest family members can make the biggest messes! For fast and easy clean-up check out Bona’s full line of quick clean products including the Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths

  • [Someone] spilled a bowl of cereal on [the] kitchen tiles then they tried cleaning it up with lots of water and the floor tiles to started warping and peeling up. - Male from Arkansas

Too much water on any floor surface can cause permanent damage. Look for pH neutral, quick dry solutions like Bona’s Hard Surface Cleaner (now in a new Lemon Mint scent!). 

With all the stress that the season may bring, remember - the most important part of the holidays is to have fun. Bona offers a wide range of products to get any home holiday ready. From mops, floor cleaners, polishes and more, Bona has what you need to bring sparkle to the holidays. Once your home is clean, kick back and simply enjoy your friends and family.

Bona is also the perfect post-holiday solution for cleaning up messes and beautifying floors for the New Year. Cheers to a happy holiday season and a fresh start for 2020!


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