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Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring

Understanding the differences.
Understanding the differences.
Posted October 26, 2016


While the look of laminate and hardwood flooring may be similar, knowing what distinguishes laminate and hardwood flooring will help you make the best choice for your home and budget.

Construction. Layers of composite wood materials pressed together to make a plank. Top layer is a photographic layer made to mimic various surfaces.

Cost. Less expensive

Maintenance. Daily dust/weekly mop/deep clean

Repair. Minor scratches can be repaired, but new flooring needs to be  installed for major repairs. Since laminate is made of composite wood, it cannot be refinished.

Lifespan. Average of 15-25 years


Construction. Made of solid wood. The look of the wood comes from the natural state of the wood itself. Grain and color are unique.

Cost. More expensive

Maintenance. Daily dust/weekly mop/deep clean

Repair. Minor and major damage can be repaired. A hardwood floor can be refinished multiple times throughout it's life.

Lifespan. 100+ years


The Choice Is Yours

Some may think laminate vs. hardwood flooring is an “either/or” debate, but it’s best to consider it as a “both/and” discussion. Both types of flooring have their advantages. While many view hardwood as the superior choice, the advances in laminate flooring and the wide range of looks you can achieve with it cannot be denied. Find the best choice that meets your needs and budget.

Whether you choose hardwood or laminate, Bona offers cleaning solutions that are perfectly suited for both. Find the right tools to bring out the beauty in your floors.