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Hardwood Floors

How to Deep Clean Floors

Deep cleaning your floor with a professional at least once a year will provide you with important advantages
How to Deep Clean Floors

Deep Cleaning Advantages

Deep cleaning gets rid of dirt and grime that normal cleanings can’t. Dust, soil and other particles make their way into all the crevices and seams of your floor. Deep cleaning your floor with a professional at least once a year will provide you with important advantages:

  • Better protection. Deep cleaning helps remove nasty contaminants that will wear down the protective finish on your floor. When the finish wears down, floors look dull and dirty over time. Conserving the finish of your floor through deep cleaning helps protect your floor’s first line of defense against damage.
  • Healthier environment. Deep cleaning helps remove allergens and other airborne materials we breathe, providing a more sanitary living space.
  • Smart savings. Maintaining a clean floor will help you avoid costly services like sanding and refinishing your floor in the long run. The combination of routine floor care and deep cleaning is all you need to have great-looking floors for life.

How to Deep Clean

You can DIY deep clean your hardwood floors, or you could find a local professional. Both options are sufficient, but a certified craftsman will have the tools and experience that might not be available to you. Whatever your choice, the deep clean process is similar:

  • Analyze. Check floors for any damage that needs to be addressed. If you find small scratches on your floor’s finish, a deep clean can be the right scratch repair.
  • Prep. Remove all items from the room. Be careful when moving furniture and other large objects to avoid accidental damage to floors and walls.
  • Clean. Dust and mop your floors to give them a good clean. Repeat as necessary to get them nice and spotless. For more tips, check out our cleaning guides.
  • Polish. Make sure your floor is completely dry. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the polish along the wood grain. Don’t trap yourself in a corner!

Bona Polish is an essential product for a fantastic deep clean. It restores your floor’s protective layer, fills in microscopic scratches and evens out the look. Find the right polish for your floor.

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